Here are links to listings of the output of some Washington-area record companies from

                   the late 1940s to the early 1960s.  


DC 1000 Spoken Word Series

DC 6000 Series

DC 8000 Series

DC 9500 Series








         Format of the Listings


Record label catalog listings are presented here in release number sequence. Since there

is no widely accepted standard for catalog sequence listings, the following format is used.


          Sample Item Listing


 DC 8037 Label and Release Number                      47/10/02 Release Date YY/MM/DD

THE PROGRESSIVE FOUR Artist as listed on label or best source

DON'T LEAVE NOW Title                     8037A Matrix from label (matrix inscribed in dead wax)

      (Composer)                          © Copyright holder and date

DARLING NELLIE GRAY Title             8037B Matrix from label (matrix inscribed in dead wax)

      (Composer)                          © Copyright holder and date


Listed on a DC Records promotional sheet. Per Peter Gibbon see Billboard 47/12/20.

Documentation for release date from primary and secondary sources.

    a. Silver on dark blue, Confirmed 78 rpm copy. 

    b. Dark Blue on silver. Probably reissue. Confirmed 78 rpm copy.

    c. Dark Blue on Silver.  Reissued as “THE BILLBOARDERS

       (Formerly THE PROGRESSIVE FOUR)". Confirmed 78 rpm copy.

Label and pressing variations and confirmation that the author has actually seen a copy the record.

No 45 rpm copies are expected to exist for this 1947 release.

Any additional comments.




Primary Sources:


The Afro-American newspaper, primarily Washington Edition.

Billboard, weekly trade magazine.

The Cash Box, weekly trade magazine.

The Record Changer, monthly jazz collector magazine.

The Norfolk Journal and Guide, weekly newspaper, multiple editions.


Secondary Sources:


Blues & Rhythm, UK collector magazine.


Blues Unlimited, UK collector magazine.


Daniels, William R., The American 45 and 78 RPM record Dating Guide, 1940-1959, Greenwood Press, Westport Conn, 1985.


Fancourt, Les and McGrath, Bob, The Blues Discography, 1943-1970, Eyeball Productions 2006 or previous editions.


Gart, Galen, ARLD, The American Record Label Directory and Dating Guide, 1940-1959, Big Nickel Publications, 1989.


Gart, Galen, First Pressings, 1950-1959, Big Nickel Publications, Serially 1986-2002.


Gonzalez, Fernando L., DISCO-FILE, Third Edition, Huntington Station, NY 2008.


Goosman, Stuart L., Group Harmony; The Black Urban Roots of Rhythm & Blues, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 2005.


Hayes, Cedric J., and Laughton, Robert, Gospel Records, 1943-1969; A Black Music Discography, Record Information Services, London 1992


Juke Blues, UK collector magazine.


McGrath, Bob, The R&B Indies, 1st ed., Eyeball Productions, 2000.



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