Quartet Records

  1110 Seventh Street, N. W.

 Washington 1, D.C.


 Research By Jay Bruder with Assistance from Kip Lornell and Stuart Goosman


     Quartet Records has been attributed to the Feld Brothers.  The label featured excellent African-American gospel quartets from Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia.  No dates have yet been established for these releases. Judging from the quality of the pressings these records are probably from the early 1950's


Quartet 101

Sunset Harmonizers

Move On Up A Little Higher                            A

One Day                                                          B

            a. Silver on dark blue 78 rpm copy confirmed

            By January 1946 some members the Progressive Four had joined with members of the Sunset Harmonizers to form the Progressive Harmonizers. Members listed as playing weekly over WINX included Roy Henton, Thomas Birds, Herbert Fredrick (piano) Walter Brown, and Lensey (sic) Wilson. Only Lindsay Wilson would make the move to the Progressive Four which recorded for DC in 1947 and 1948. Source:Washington Afro-American Capitol Ed. 19 Jan.1946, p. 18.  According to Hayes & Laughton both the Sunset Harmonizers and the Harmonizing Four were recorded by Decca at sister Rosetta Tharpe's Wedding at Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C. on 3 July 1951.  


Quartet 102


Quartet 103

The Sunset Harmonizers

Gospel Train                                                     A

Amazing Grace                                                 B

           a.  Silver on dark blue 78 rpm copy confirmed


Quartet 104


Quartet 105


Quartet 106

Harmonizing Four

I'm Tired                                                          A Q-10

My Life Is In His Hands                                    B Q-7

            a.  Silver on dark blue 78 rpm copy confirmed



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