Many people have contributed to this site and published article in Blues and Rhythm,. Here is a partial thank you list.

Artists and Music Business People

Sandra Bears, Lawrence Berry, Harmon Bethea, Mike Busch, Sandra Butler-Truesdale, Steve Charles, Francine Motley Clarke, Ray Davis, Eddie Daye, Otis Ducker, Mike Gilbert, Michael Angelo Graham, Carl K. Goodson, Beverly Lindsay-Johnson, Frank Motley, Leutrell Osborne, Ric Nelson, Dick Lillard, Calvin Linthicum, Andy Magruder, Lou Martin, Bobby Parker, Reese Palmer, Sidney Peoples,  Sir Joe Quarterman, The Family of Calvin Ruffin, Blaine Smith, Tommy “TNT “ and Loretta Tribble.


Researchers, Collectors, and Record Dealers

Matt Barton, Ralph Barton, Bruce Bastin, John Broven, Joe Bussard,  Margie Coffee, Kevin Coombe, Bob Embrey, Tom Engle, Les Fancourt, Galen Gart, Peter Gibbon, Brent Hoosier, Tony Burke, Marv Goldberg, Gary Henderson, Mike Hollander, Leon Kagarise, Dan Kochakian,     Eric LeBlanc, Alan Lee, Kip Lornell, Bob McGrath, George Moonoogian, Les Moss, Mark Opsasnick, Richie Reicheg, Frank Ruehl, Joe Sasfy, Dave Sax, Doug Seroff, Harold Shackleford, Bill Smith, Gary Smith, Steve Smolian, Dick Spottswood, Eddie Stubbs, Joe Tranopol, Billy Vera


Research Institutions

The Staff of  Martin Luther King Branch, D.C. Public Library, Library of Congress Music Reading Room and Periodicals Reading Room,  U. S. Copyright Office


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